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2017 Starts Off With a Bang

Plan Ahead: 2017 Starts Off With a Bang


The blade repair industry historically marks January as the beginning of its slow season. WindCom, however, experienced a surge of business servicing aging US fleets of blades. If you anticipate needing repairs in the summer, the time to evaluate your blades is now.

WindPower 2017

WindPower 2017 May 22-25
Now is the time to register for AWEA WindPower 2017 in Anaheim, CA and book a meeting with WindCom.
WindCom has a Meeting Room at their booth #3610 for your convenience.
New technology will be demonstrated there.  Don’t miss out.

Tips For When Your Blades Arrive In Less-Than-Mint Condition


Although blades leave the factory in perfect condition, during transport, storage or installation, damages are bound to occur. Over the years, blades have gotten longer, which accentuates the problem challenging the transport industry of outfitting ships properly and building new trailers with better mounts, in addition to challenging those crane companies that handle the blades to handle them differently.

New upgraded sub-zero platform

Sub-Zero Platform Upgraded Design


WindCom’s new sub-zero platform is designed for the Kaufer 360° platform and works well when blade damage repairs are needed well up the blade. Seven of WindCom’s ten platforms are Kaufer, so enlarging the fleet of Kaufer sub-zero platforms is a priority.

Visiting sites

Site Visits


Don’t be surprised if you find WindCom managers visiting your windfarm while crews are busy servicing your blades. Of course the visit is to determine how the teams are performing.

Spring Safety Training

Updating Safety Training Throughout the Year


At Windcom, safety is number one. We have an annual safety training where all techs get a refresher course over a span of one week. But we do not wait until then to update and add training. Almost weekly, I prepare and share a new training module.

Wind Blade Maintenance: Optional Or Mandatory?


Wind blade maintenance is often overlooked because blades are perceived as non-wear items that are made with weatherproof materials. The problem is that the other components of a wind turbine are more familiar because they are parts that are used in many other industries and the maintenance is well understood.

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