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Visiting sites

Site Visits

Don’t be surprised if you find WindCom managers visiting your windfarm while crews are busy servicing your blades. The visit is scheduled to determine how the teams are performing. We take this time to complete a safety compliance check and review WindCom’s new safety practices and training. After this process, we complete a budget review.
Next, a safety audit will be performed. A safety audit consists of attending the tailgate meeting completing the JSA and entering information in the PPE logbook. Then, we go up-tower with one of the team members to inspect the rigging and complete the rigging inspection checklist. After returning to the ground, we follow the platform checklist with the team. Then a short meeting is held to discuss corrections and suggestions on what to improve before continuing work.
These site visits are key to not only keeping the teams safe at the project but they also provide an opportunity to improve rigging plans and checklists for all projects. The technicians are always encouraged to make suggestions.
Photo: Rudy-Field supervisor with Gary commercial manager at a wind farm


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