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WindCom as the Subsidiary of Tecsis

With over 40,000 blades produced, Tecsis has become the world’s second largest manufacturer of wind turbine blades. As the exclusive authorized global service provider for Tecsis manufactured blades, WindCom is certified to repair to manufacturer standard all Tecsis blades without impact on product warranties. With their vast technical department, Tecsis can assist WindCom with advanced engineering and work with WindCom’s R & D committee. WindCom works with blades from all manufactures and always employ the highest grade materials possible. WindCom’s technicians are always individually trained and certified on specific repairs.

Today, WindCom supports customers across multiple countries, providing effective and safe solutions to the most complex composite service needs.


Our Commitment

01. Our Vision

To be recognized as the industry leader in maintaining blades by committing to the highest level of service and the customers’ overall success.

02. Our Mission

Ensure the maximum lifetime for customer´s blades with the lowest cost, through focusing on high levels of technical competence, innovation and flexibility to rapidly attend the most demanding needs in the wind market with safety, integrity and respect.

03. Our Innovations

Innovation is a WindCom value.  Our internal R & D Committee is focused on increasing efficiency and creating tools that improve the customers’ bottom-line.  For example, a recent upgrade to WindCom’s eReporting software enables users to access their data to produce custom reports.   Future use of the over 18,000 records will help WindCom lead the way for predictive maintenance.

04. Our Safety Culture

Safety is at the core of our company culture from the office, warehouse to mobilization and onsite service. Our dedicated EHS manager oversees safety on every job. Plus, our in house safety education program provides WindCom technicians initial and annual safety training and certifications. We are proud of our good safety record. Additional information is available by request.