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Spring Safety Training

Updating Safety Training Throughout the Year


At Windcom, safety is number one. We have an annual safety training where all techs get a refresher course over a span of one week. But we do not wait until then to update and add training. Almost weekly, I prepare and share a new training module.

Wind Blade Maintenance: Optional Or Mandatory?


Wind blade maintenance is often overlooked because blades are perceived as non-wear items that are made with weatherproof materials. The problem is that the other components of a wind turbine are more familiar because they are parts that are used in many other industries and the maintenance is well understood.

The 2016 Sandia Wind Turbine Blade Workshop

Sandia Blade Workshop


Sandia Blade Workshop
Albuquerque, NM
August 29-Sept 1
Gary Kanaby is on a panel to discuss blade O & M.
You can meet us at the WindCom display where questions can be answered or just a chat about how things are going.

Blade Repairs, Kaufer Platform In Action

WindCom Expands Fleet of Access Platforms


WindCom has taken delivery delivery of three new 360° Kaufer access platforms expanding the fleet of 360° platforms to ten. With the streamlined rigging process technicians can be up tower quickly and perform the work more efficiently than the smaller work cages.
The photo is the Kaufer in action.

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