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Early summer WindCom training

Training to Meet Wind Industry Demand

As the season heats up, WindCom is meeting the demand of the industry by recruiting and training the best techs in the industry. With a full time recruiter, the best candidates are screened and selected. The training begins at home with OSHA 10 and Defensive Driving. Once in the classroom, “GREEN” training begins. “GREEN” training is the certified basic training required for techs to go into the field. This includes safety, confined space, and basic composites. There, observations and evaluations enable WindCom to weed out possible failures. It is also the time to start looking at who can move on to “ORANGE” training.
“GREEN” techs from the field join new GREEN techs to continue with advanced ORANGE training where a long host of composite blade repair tasks are honed to perfection in the shop. The other part of the ORANGE training prepares techs for platform work. The training center has an older 360° platform used for the in-house learning. Completion of platform training is done in the field where a tech is placed in a real work environment assisting the team in place while demonstrating the skills learned at the training center demonstrating rigging, platform operation & inspection and safety in the field. This cooperation by our customers is appreciated as it helps us prove competency but also gives the onsite team an extra hand at no charge. The “Silver” tech that he has been assigned to onsite must sign off on a long check list before the tech is deemed a platform tech.

Early summer WindCom training

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