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2017 Starts Off With a Bang

Plan Ahead: 2017 Starts Off With a Bang

The blade repair industry historically marks January as the beginning of its slow season. WindCom, however, experienced a surge of business servicing aging US fleets of blades. If you anticipate needing repairs in the summer, the time to evaluate your blades is now.
We forecast the quantity of blade repair requests will be higher than normal this year, and the capacity of all premier companies will quickly max out forcing those who did not plan ahead to work with less reputable blade repair companies. We highly recommend setting up an inspection or pulling out past reports to plan a repair schedule for the summer season.
WindCom offers a free consultation service to help you determine what is imperative and what can be earmarked for later. This includes a schedule, pricing; and if a commitment is made, confirmation of the crew’s arrival date to begin work. WindCom is ready to give new life to your blades. Contact Gary Kanaby to inquire about our free consultation service today.


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