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In a Time of Uncertainty

As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, like many businesses WindCom has taken all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our staff.  Naturally, life at the office is a little quieter these days with most working from home, however that’s not to suggest that all departments are at a complete standstill.  This is especially not so in our warehouse as we continue to mobilize our technicians. Our year-round safety and technical training facility on-site has certainly proven to be a huge asset to our continued success during this time.  Playing a particularly large roll earlier in the year, as every technician underwent and completed their ENSA certification. This facility has provided a space for growing the technical skill sets of our technicians and leadership development amongst our team leads, allowing for increased responsibilities.  Today, we continue mobilizing our teams to the field armed with elevated health protocols ensuring not only our safety but that of our customers. As we look to our future, we push forward motivated by the possibilities of a still promising year not only for us but for the industry as a whole.
Tech Talk with Ricardo Silva

Tech Talk with Ricardo Silvia

“In terms of engineering training, we started with green to orange technicians.  Here we brought in green level techs and gave them hands on training in different types of repairs.  Some of which never had been exposed too before. We explained to them the importance of why we do the repairs a specific way which got them to see everything in a more technical way.  Exposing the science behind the procedure and why it works better. They were always used to just doing what our procedure says and never questioned why it was done that way. We showed them the reasons why and what happens when done differently.  It opened their eyes on why the quality is important and best of all followed what the instructions indicate.”
Ricardo Silvia, Engineering Manager

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