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WindCom Summit Brazil

WindCom Summit in Brazil

Managers from the three WindCom global divisions met in Brazil with the Directors of the parent company, Tecsis to formulate a Global Strategy. Jose Paulo Global Director and GM USA along with Venancio Garcia GM Spain (Europe), Bruno Bellote GM Brazil (SA) and Gary Kanaby Commercial manager met with Fabiano Grecco Mori, Phillips Lemos and the Tecsis commercial team on Global strategy and penetration into the global markets. WindCom’s Global presence enables the company to research and develop new processes, tools and materials that add value to the services keeping WindCom as the global leader in wind blade services.
Also discussed is Tecsis’s entry into the “Life Extention” initiative in which the first order to replace 100 sets of blades is in the books. Not only is Tecsis offering replacement blades for windfarms’ life extension but a 10 year warranty/service package.


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