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Join Us at WindPower 2016

WindCom will demonstrate how preventative blade maintenance pays off For the Life of Your Blade; evaluating the ROI for inspections and Leading Edge Protection (LEP). We will answer your questions and share information about all of WindCom’s preventative blade maintenance options. WindCom can assess your wind farm and suggest a customized program. In addition to preventative maintenance, WindCom can discuss repair techniques, access methods and answer specific questions about your blade issues.
Please contact Gary Kanaby to reserve an appointment. Gary will be available at the WindPower 2016 in meeting room 263 just up the escalator from Exhibit Hall G.
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The Economics of Preventative Maintenance
WindCom has a great poster that displays the economics of preventative maintenance. See the poster presentation and talk to the author Wednesday, May 25, 4:30 – 6:00 pm (exhibit hall).
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