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Spring Training

While the baseball clubs are down in Florida training, WindCom is doing the same in Houston. During the late winter and spring, WindCom brings all of the technicians back to Houston to update all of their safety certifications and present new modules developed during the year. With safety as the priority, what could be more important than safety training? Even if the certifications are still valid, we update them annually. Part of the training is self-rescue. This not only reminds our technicians of the process but also tests the physical requirements necessary to pass. Our curriculum includes technical training. New materials and processes are reviewed and then hands on work is supervised by engineering. Windcom technicians are trained with up to date technology.
The technicians are encouraged to provide feedback while at headquarters during training. We value their questions and take their feedback very seriously. For example, by working with our technicians we were able to reduce the time to rig a 360° platform to 1.5 hours including LOTO. In this way, when new or refined processes are developed, it can be shared during training.


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