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Research and Development

WindCom is not waiting for industry to develop equipment or processes to enhance our service offerings. WindCom has an active R & D department. Currently we are actively working on several projects.
Application of Leading Edge Protection Coatings
WindCom has a patent pending on a revolutionary devise that will aid in the application of leading edge protection coatings. This solves two of the main issues.  First the devise allows the coating to be applied quickly. Since up tower hours are expensive this can immediately reduce the cost of application. Another benefit of this devise is that it will assure a consistent coating. Each product has a thickness specification. When manually applying the coating it is difficult to assure that the coating meets the specifications in every single square inch. This tool assures that the correct thickness can be maintained over the entire leading edge that is being coated. Other benefits include less waste and savings on the cost of rollers or brushes.
Other R & D Projects
WindCom is developing a new technology to inspect blades. An announcement will be made once perfected.
WindCom’s eReporting system has just received an upgrade which makes it easier for the techs to insert data and photos from their mobile devices. It also is programmed in such a way that without the required data inserted, the next step in the work instruction is not available. There are numerous other added features as well. All of this makes it easier for the engineering team to oversee the work and make quality audits throughout the process.


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