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Message from Gary Kanaby

I moved to WindCom as commercial manager over six months ago finding a great home; perfect for my skills and experience. One of my first marketing tasks was to refresh WindCom’s brand and delve into what makes our company unique.

I was immediately struck by our emphasis on Safety. It’s a priority and it’s a part of our work culture. With a dedicated EHS manager, we are able to better monitor the project environment.

WindCom is also customer focused. We consider customers our partners, and as a result, expect all the members of our team to operate and communicate with integrity and respect.

I’m impressed by WindCom’s eReporting platform and detailed work instructions. Technicians share photos and data virtually with engineers as they complete the repair. And no one leaves the job site until the engineer approves the final product. This process is efficient and ensures the repair is done right the first time. Not only that, but all the data shared during the repair goes into WindCom’s vast database and a report is automatically generated for the customer.
My research experience over the past couple of months has taught me that WindCom is truly the premier blade repair partner of North American. We are maintaining our customers’ blades and helping them maximize their long-term output. This commitment is actually what inspired our tagline, “For the Life of Your Blade.”
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