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Good Safety Record Is Not An Accident

At WindCom, safety is number one. Our good safety record did not come without some hard work and cooperation from the top down. We are proud that in 2015 we did not have a single workman’s compensation insurance claim. As EHS manager, I am responsible to lead, advise and consult, instilling a safety culture throughout the organization. Each day, the field crew completes a JSA where they look for possible hazards. When reviewing them, I am able to make sure that the technicians are doing a good job of looking for all hazards. I discuss ways in which technicians can improve their daily investigation because that is important to WindCom.
Even with so many different types of turbines installed in the US, each turbine type has a rigging plan for our platforms. If the turbine is one we have not seen before, I personally visit the site and create a rigging plan before the techs arrive. This also gives me a chance to discuss hazards with the site manager. Our “Near Miss” program allows the technicians to make reports that help us improve our safety program. All of the technicians are then alerted to the incident and later the safety committee discusses them for amendments to the safety training every technician receives. Even in our work instructions for every repair, safety is incorporated including PPE necessary for each step. Safety is always a priority for WindCom.

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