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Featured WindCom Tech: Juliano

Why do you like working for WindCom?
Clean energy, working with wind turbines, height work, and traveling to different places. In the future, I crave a position in the offifice.
When you aren’t working on blades, how do you spend your time?
Being from Brazil, the only problem living in the US is that I am unable to play soccer as much as I did in Brazil, but I enjoy running and going to the gym. I got married earlier this year so I’m also in the process of becoming a US Citizen.
What’s Juliano’s WindCom Story?
In 2007, Tecsis selected eight technicians out of 100 candidates to be trained as trainers in composite repair for the US Market. Juliano was one of those selected, and has been part of the WindCom team from the beginning. In 2015, Juliano accepted a new role with WindCom as Platform Team Leader. This position allows him to share his years of knowledge with the techs he works with, especially in the area of composite repairs, rigging safely, and operating platforms.

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