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WindCom Names Bryan Lewis as Commercial Manager


Houston, TX, July 11, 2018 – WindCom today announced that Bryan Lewis has been named Commercial Manager.
“Bryan is a great addition to the WindCom management team. His experience and pattern of success within the industry are valuable,” says WindCom’s General Manager, Gary Kanaby.

WindCom North America Promotes Gary Kanaby to General Manager


Wind Composites Services Company (WindCom), provides fast response, on-site FRP composite repairs and maintenance for wind blades – including new sites, retrofits and inspections. The company’s mobile response service teams are trained and equipped to quickly assess and make repairs from lightning strikes, shipping and installation damage, structural cracking, leading edge erosion and coating failure, blade balancing, and cosmetic/general warranty needs. Repairs can be handled prior to erection (shipping and handling damage), up-tower accessed with suspended work cage or on-site with the blade removed.

WindCom Summit in Brazil


Managers from the three WindCom global divisions met in Brazil with the Directors of the parent company, Tecsis to formulate a Global Strategy. Jose Paulo Global Director and GM USA along with Venancio Garcia GM Spain (Europe), Bruno Bellote GM Brazil (SA) and Gary Kanaby Commercial manager met with Fabiano….., Phillips Lemos and the Tecsis commercial team on Global strategy and penetration into the global markets.

Ben Müller is Welcomed to WindCom


We are pleased to announce Ben Muller‘s recent transfer to WindCom’s US branch to serve as as a Project Manager. Born and raised in Costa Rica, he is excited to move back to the continent…

Training to Meet Wind Industry Demand


As the season heats up WindCom is meeting the demand of the industry by recruiting and training the best techs in the industry. With a full time recruiter the best candidates are screened and selected. The training begins at home with OSHA 10 and Defensive Driving.

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